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On this page, I want to share some insights from the intersection of my research and my other interests. These posts may range from research findings to non-academic musings. I’m just getting started, which is why this page is still rather short…

Gender-inclusive politicians

Over the last couple of decades, German-speakers have witnessed the emergence of a new social norm: that of gender-inclusive language. In this post, I explore the evolution of gender-inclusive language using all Austrian parliamentary speeches since the mid-nineties.

‘Political’ Islam in Austrian politics

When I was younger, I heard much about Islam and Islamism, and the difference between the two. Then, over the past few years, ‘Political Islam’ has entered my political consciousness. I was always a bit suspicious of this term, mostly because I felt that it blurs the line between a radical politics and a religion. A few weeks ago, I was wondering about how politicians in Austria speak about the so-called ‘Political Islam’. The below plot shows