My research agenda

I’m interested in three broad fields. First, I do research in the economics of discrimination, and in labour economics more widely. In one of my projects, for example, I estimate the effects of superiors’ gender attitudes on women’s career outcomes.

Second, I study both the origins and the consequences of national identity. In the specific setting of the multi-ethnic Austro-Hungarian Empire, I investigate how interethnic experiences changed people’s identity and behaviour.

Third, I am interested in how attitudes, social norms, and political narratives spread. In particular, I study when people start to abide by a certain social norm, and why.

Work in progress

  1. Speaking of Gender: How Superior’s Attitudes Shape the Careers of Women
  1. Choosing Identity: Evidence from a Natural Experiment (with Emilio Esguerra)
  1. They Died for Their Fatherland(s): Ethnic Diversity in the Austro-Hungarian Empire (with Emilio Esguerra)
  1. Cultural Cleavages in Politics (with Adam Brzezinski)