My research agenda

I’m an applied microeconomist working in three main fields. First, I work on the political economy of identity. I focus on state-building in multi-ethnic communities as well as the emergence of nationalism.

Second, I’m interested in the economics of innovation and the organization of science. In particular, I study the reward system of science and the allocation of talent in academia.

Third, I work on discrimination in the labor market. In one of my projects, I study the effects of superiors’ gender attitudes on women’s careers.

Working papers

Work in progress

  • Speaking of Gender: How Superiors’ Attitudes Shape the Careers of Women
  • Nations and Citizens: How Grievances Mobilize Identity
    (with Emilio Esguerra)
  • They Died for Their Fatherland(s): Ethnic Diversity in the Austro-Hungarian Empire
    (with Emilio Esguerra)